The best of the best. Again.

Mark Andrews is world record holder in deep wreck diving. The world's deepest wreck dived is the Yolanda 205 m beneath the surface. Mark Andrews gives you the full account of The Search for Yolanda. [Biography]

Dr Alf Brubakk is professor of Environmental Physiology at the Norwegiian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway. Through over 20 years of study, he has contributed to the understanding of how gas bubbles form and how they may injury the diver. He is one of the editors for the 5th edition of "The Physiology and Medicine of Diving". Alf Brubakk gives you the answers on the question Can decompression sickness be prevented? [Biography]

Dr Reinhard Buchaly designed and built equipment for cave exploration projects, like the RB 80 rebreather. Reinhard Buchaly is giving his view on Cave exploration - equipment considerations [Biography]

Johan Candert is trimix/cave instructor and director of documentary film. As part of Deep Sea Productions Johan has explored and discovered several known wrecks. On the seminar he will give you the story of the Refugee Wrecks of WWII toghether with Björn Hagberg. [Biography].

Bernie Chowdhury has worn many hats during his years in the diving industry: instructor, expedition organizer and leader, documentary co-producer, equipment marketing and development consultant, writer, publisher, and lecturer. The light-hearted meets the serious in this examination of diving safety: Safety first: Lessons from The Last Dive. [Biography].

Dr Mark Dougherty was very active in the cave diving scene of the Yorkshire Dales, taking part in various new explorations and contributing to the well-known publication the "Northern Sump Index", the bible of cave diving in the UK. It comes as no surprise to hear that his main interest is sump diving, particularly trips which involve a mixture of both diving and other caving techniques. He also has considerable experience in cave rescue, including cave diving rescue and recovery operations . Most recently he was team leader for the deep diving team for the Plura Cave recovery operation in Norway. [Biography].

Björn Hagberg is marine archaeologist and cave diver. Since 2003 he has worked with Deep Sea Productions, a company involved with television productions - mostly underwater related topics. He is the author of The DC-3 - a search for the truth. On the seminar he will give you the story of the Refugee Wrecks of WWII together with Johan Candert. [Biography].

Dr Fred Hocker is marine archaeologist and director of the Vasa research. In 1995-98 he was the director of the Bozburun Byzantine Shipwreck Excavation in Turkey, where they used nitrox with experimental oxygene deco during the marin archeology diving. Fred is also the moderator of the seminar.

Åke Larsson participated in introducing the concept of Technical Diving in Sweden in the early 90s,while nitrox diving was still a controversy. He has been an avid rb-diver since 1988 and has also taken part in developing scientific testing methods for rebreathers during the early 90s; methods that are still in use today. On the seminar he will lead a Rebreahter workshop.[Biography]

Tom Mount, legendary diver and CEO of IANTD. Tom Mount gives you the complete History of Technical Diving.

Don Shirley has organized and lead many diving expeditions. Among them the dive to the worlds third deepest cave, The Boesmangat expedition, where his team diver Dave Shaw tragically died on 270 m depth. [Biography]

Michael Waldbrenner is one of the key divers of EKPP - European Karst Plain Project. In August 2003, he and his dive partner Reinhard Buchaly, explored the Doux de Coly cave system in France to 5 880 m, making this the longest European underwater cave enetration to date. On the seminar Michael Waldbrenner tells us if Cave-Diving in Europe, is it really that different? [Biography]

Dr Bruce Wienke is the developer of the Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM), a dual phase approach to staging diver ascents over an extended range of diving applications. A number of dive computers incorporate the modified and full iterative RGBM into staging regimens, for technical and recreational diving. Bruce Wienke will give you an Update on Deco and Helium Diving. [Biography].


Dr Fred Hocker is also the moderator of the seminar.