Michael Waldbrenner
Cave-Diving in Europe, is it really that different?

Michael Waldbrenner, born 23.04.1965 in Mannheim Germany. CFO of Waldbrenner AG, an IT Company working in the Healthcare business. During studying Medicine at the University of Heidelberg Michael started to Scuba-Dive but was not certified until 1995 and started technical diving shortly afterwards.

He did his Trimix-Training at Billy Deans Key West DiveCenter in the 90s and is part of the EKPP - European Karst Plain Project, an active cave-diving group in Europe. In August 2003, he and his dive partner Reinhard Buchaly, explored the Doux de Coly cave system in France to 5880 m (19 291 feet), making this the longest European underwater cave penetration to date.