Åke Larsson
Rebreather workshop

Åke has Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and has been diving for 25+ years. He first got involved in commercial diving industry as a "lab rat" at Chalmers Technical University during his studies. He did his military service at FOA (Swedish Defence Research Agency)/Swedish Navy and worked with diving technology and dive medicine between 1987 and 1995.

Åke participated in introducing the concept of Technical Diving in Sweden in the early 90s,while nitrox diving was still a controversy. He has been an avid rb-diver since 1988 and has also taken part in developing scientific testing methods for rebreathers during the early 90s; methods that are still in use today. Since 1995 he works with medical life-sustaining systems and is now managing reserach projects at Maquet AB, formerly Siemens-Elema.