Björn Hagberg
The Refugee Wrecks of WWII

Björn Hagberg has a degree in marine archaeology from Stockholm University. In the mid nineties he worked with diver education, the latter part with technical diving training. As a cave diver and technical diver Björn has been part of several explorations and discoveries of historical findings such as German WWII wrecks as well as wrecks from the first world war.

Since 2003 he has worked with Deep Sea Productions, a company involved with television productions - mostly underwater related topics. He is the author of The DC-3 - a search for the truth, a book about a missing Swedish spyplane (DC3) which was shoot down by the Soviet union in 1952. The dive team located the plane in 2003. He has also written a book about the underwater exploration of an abandoned silver mine (Sala).

His most recent project is as researcher for a television series about wrecks that is being broadcasted in October 2007, and one of the program is about the Refugee Wrecks.