Dr Mark Dougherty
Cave diving - rescue and recovery operations

Dr Mark Dougherty began cave diving in 1990 and trained through the Cave Diving Group in the UK. He was very active in the cave diving scene of the Yorkshire Dales, taking part in various new explorations and contributing to the well-known publication the "Northern Sump Index". In 1996 he moved to Sweden and has been involved for many years in the Swedish Speleological Federation. He is currently education and training officer for SSF, which includes a responsibility for sump diving education in Sweden.

Mark's interest in cave diving comes from a wish to explore caves. It comes as no surprise to hear that his main interest is sump diving, particularly trips which involve a mixture of both diving and other caving techniques. He also has considerable experience in cave rescue, including cave diving rescue and recovery operations. Most recently he was team leader for the deep diving team for the Plura Cave recovery operation in Norway.